Four Reasons NOT to Spend Time With God…and Five Reasons Why We Should (Continued…)

“Come, follow me” is Jesus’ invitation we can indulge or ignore. When I was in third grade and walked to my grandparent’s apartment after school, I got to decide whether or not I would stop to visit my mother’s uncle’ on the way home. As a doorman, he regularly received tips from residents going in or out. When I stopped by, he always gave me a quarter. Always. Back then a quarter carried some weight—enough to buy a candy bar. If I wanted a snack, I stopped to visit.

Time with God can be a snack or a feast or simply a safe place to dwell. It all depends on our emotional and spiritual condition. God doesn’t evaluate our motives for meeting with him. He simply welcomes us. And while there are reasons to NOT spend time with God, here are five reasons we should.

In this video, Glenn shares one of the dangerous mindsets of spending time with God. He reminds us to expand our understanding of what a relationship with God means throughout the day. Click here for our post on reasons you still should spend time with God.

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Things to Remember…

God’s grace is the perfect equalizer. When I’m down, I’m reminded I need it. When I’m up, I’m reminded I have it. Thank you, God, for your grace. It never ends, it’s never old, and it’s always available.

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I’m (Gregg) in the Boston area for a wedding so thought I’d show our visit to Fenway Park in 2013 with our friend Tony. (Don’t worry…we’ll go much further “back in the day” in the future.)

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Four Reasons NOT to Spend Time With God…and Five Reasons Why We Should

First, what is a quiet time? It is spending time with God for the purpose of growing one’s relationship with God. It is usually (but not always) scheduled and usually (but not always) includes reading the Bible and praying. In the future, we’ll unpack a myriad of “alternative” ways to spend time with God. Other names for the quiet time include “devotions” or “time alone with God” or “rockin’ with the Savior” (not really but could be cool).

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Things to Remember…

Who am I to doubt God? Who am I to question his plan and motives? I am God’s child whom he loves to invite to join him in the miraculous…even when I am filled with doubt and worry. “Thank you, God, for your invitations–even though I’m often quick to RSVP ‘No.’”

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