Nonstop Prayer?

What if my knees are bad? What if I have a job? What if I have class? Why would anyone do such a thing? How would you get anything done?

Question: If someone wanted to develop an ongoing conversation with God, how might they get started? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

The Awkwardness of Obeying God: A Response

Our two most recent video posts have a premise that God is not only alive but active in our world. We don’t have to look for God. God is not lost. We are. God seeks us. With that understanding, it is reasonable that God would be working in the life of a traffic cop and supermarket employee. And it is also reasonable that God was at work in the life of the man at the gas pump, even though he clearly was not interested in “God talk” at the moment (or—reasonably—he was not interested in talking to some stranger about eternal things on a late night in NY). So what do you do when you feel God’s ‘nudge’ to act, but not sure what will happen?