What Do I Get With the Bottom Line Bible App?

Bottom Line Bible. Taste & See
(FREE version)

The Bottom Line Bible is a reading plan app. Each Bible book is a different “track.” Select the track that interests you and each day you’ll receive one chapter from that Bible book or a way to interact with a previous chapter. This free version contains Genesis and Matthew. Our paid version (coming Jan 2018) will include every Bible book.

When you receive a Bible chapter you’ll find
1) A link to the day’s reading
2) A visual image depicting a main idea of the chapter
3) A one or two word summary of the chapter
4) The big idea from the chapter
5) A key verse from the chapter
6) Thematic summary called “If God wrote you a letter”
7) A next step for the chapter
8) A media link for the chapter (music video, video clip, etc.)
9) A Notes section for you own observations or action plan

Our hope is that one or more of the features resonate with you so you can stay engaged with your reading throughout the day. In fact under “settings”, choose “prayer reminders” and list up to 12 different times to be notified to stop and pray. Use that time to reflect on your takeaway from your reading.

Additional Features:

  • Customize your experience with a short assessment.
  • Schedule and receive up to 12 messages each day, featuring a Bible verse selected from the assessment (or assorted verses if you choose not to take the assessment).
  • Push notifications ensure you don’t miss a single message.
  • Save your favorites and share via social media.
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Bottom Line Bible: What’s It For?

For your own personal reading? For group study? For disciplemaking? For teaching new believers? For jumpstarting a stalled learner? For eating ice-cream? A resounding YES to all with a slight tilting of the head for one.

The complete Bottom Line Bible coming in January 2018. But check out our FREE APP today on iOs and on Android. Learn more about the app here.

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INTRODUCING…the Bottom Line Bible APP

As we were writing the Bottom Line Bible, we quickly realized how effective this would be in app form, so while we continue writing, we’ve now got a FREE APP available on iOs and on Android. The free app includes 2 Bible books: Genesis and the Gospel of Matthew. Our FULL version (every Bible book!) will be available in January 2018. Learn more about the app here.

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Multiply the Moments

“How important it is to walk along, not in haste but slowly, looking at everything and calling out Yes! No!” —Mary Oliver (from her poem “Yes! No!”)

In our recent vlog Glenn asked about the “triggers”—great word choice—that helped me stay connected to God and my Bible reading throughout the day. I let my Casio watch hourly chime trigger it was time to stop and reconnect with God.