The Awkwardness of Obeying God: A Response

Our two most recent video posts have a premise that God is not only alive but active in our world. We don’t have to look for God. God is not lost. We are. God seeks us. With that understanding, it is reasonable that God would be working in the life of a traffic cop and supermarket employee. And it is also reasonable that God was at work in the life of the man at the gas pump, even though he clearly was not interested in “God talk” at the moment (or—reasonably—he was not interested in talking to some stranger about eternal things on a late night in NY). So what do you do when you feel God’s ‘nudge’ to act, but not sure what will happen?

Bottom Line Bible App

Here’s a sample of what it looks like from Genesis 40

Genesis 40:1-23 

Feature 1: Bible text
The hyperlink above takes you to the Bible verses.

Feature 2: Image
We are visual creatures, so we provide an image—sometimes literal, other times figurative—for each Bible chapter to help cement a theme or big idea or feeling from the chapter.

Cupbearer forgets 

Feature 3: Summary
A one or two word overview of the chapter’s content.

Even though Joseph interprets dreams and is forgotten in prison, God never forgets him.

Feature 4: Big Idea
The one primary thought or idea that is developed or discovered in the chapter.

Genesis 40:23 (Despite being promised, Joseph is forgotten)
The chief cupbearer, however, did not remember Joseph; he forgot him.

Feature 5: Key Verse
The verse that births the aforementioned big idea and summary.

You will be disappointed in your relationships and will be let down by your friends. You will be forgotten or, at least, it will feel that way. And the same will be true of you. You’ll be accused of treating others similarly, whether it’s true or not. The human heart is fickle. I am in the process of changing yours and that becomes easier the more you see and understand who I am and that I will never leave you or forget you.

Your faith activates when you trust me, despite your circumstances. When you are completely disappointed and then, just as suddenly, sing a song of praise, knowing I am at work in your world and beside you in that moment, that’s when your heart of trust expands. I am always with you and will always provide. My timing may be different from what you desire, but I will be right beside you, waiting for your praise.

Feature 6: If God Wrote You a Letter
This feature invites the user into the story. It is written to the user/reader from God’s perspective, an adaptation and rephrasing of the biblical text from the target chapter and additional Bible chapters.

Practice praising God during challenging times. It will remind you he has not forgotten you and teach you to look for ways that God is at work in your circumstance.

Feature 7: Next Step
The Bible is not merely meant to be read and forgotten. It is to be applied, and so the Bottom Line Bible app provides a next step suggestion for its users.

MEDIA LINK (Music video)
Good, Good Father,” Chris Tomlin

Feature 8: Media Link
Each media link functions as an independent story, illustrating a truth or theme found in the Bible chapter’s text. Sometimes a music video, lyric video, film clip, faith story, or teaching illustration.

Two Additional Features
Feature 9: Personal Notes
Not shown here but in the app, users can comment on a verse or song or write their own reflection to how God is leading.

Feature 10: Reminders
Every third day, the user will receive one of four instructions to pause and reflect entitled Review, Reflect, Respond, and Remind with prompting questions. Also, users can program up to twelves times a day to have the app send a message, reminding them to stop and pray (or reflect on the key verse, or take action on the day’s Next Step, or simply rest in the presence of their loving heavenly father).

Question: Which is your favorite feature? Any questions? You can leave a comment by clicking here.